Writers Guidelines

We publish erotic fiction only. If your fiction is not erotic, we are not interested.

Writers wishing to submit their work should read the guidelines below carefully. By submitting your work you are agreeing to all terms and usages.

We are a non-paying market.

Please be aware we are looking for 1st World Rights and Reprints Rights. All accepted material will be published online: https://temptationmag.wordpress.com/

Work may be chosen for reprint in ebook or print-on-demand format, but will be credited to the author at all times.

We retain 1st World Rights for 6 months after initial publication (work may not be sold again until 6 months after being published). Work may be reprinted in another format, without prior consent. Reprint rights will revert to the author.

By submitting your work you are agreeing to these terms.

Submissions should be 500-5,000 words in length, and one submission at a time.

Attach submissions as a Word or RTF file.  Submissions should be accompanied by a short (500 words maximum) biography.

All material should be in standard manuscript format:

12 point Times Roman, left justified, 1″ margins all around, double spaced, paragraph indents, no space between paragraphs, with a header on each page giving your name, the title or a short form of it, and the page number.

Please send all submissions to:



We publish erotica in all its different fictional forms, we publish a wide range of material from to subtle, romance-based sexual fiction to hardcore pornographic fiction and everything in between. BDSM, fetish, confessional, readers’ wives, are all welcome.

We do not censor material, although please be aware we do NOT publish any material featuring underage characters.

Fiction: Minimum word count: 500 Maximum word count 5000.

We do not currently accept non-fiction submissions.

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