Sister Patience By Jerome Brooke

Mother Superior – As you have instructed me I have written a confession of my many sins, and the kind efforts by you and the Sisters of the Order to save my soul. Pray for me. Thank you for giving me refuge in the convent of the Sisters of Perpetual Sublimination, and allowing me to atone for my sins. I ask that you administer punishment for my transgressions. I hope that I will soon be free of my sins, and given the resolve not to sin again.

# # #

Mother Superior, I pray that you will forgive me. I will continue to seek to expiate my sins. Sister Patience has shown unswerving determination to reform me, without complaint. Glory Be! Brother Theo.

“Follow me to my cell, Brother Theo!”

Sister Patience led me down the hall of the convent, to her room. The cell was barren save for a narrow cot, a kneeler and a few items of furniture.

“Take off your cassock! Hurry!”

I removed my garments, and found Sister Patience had taken off her habit.

“Kneel at the tub!”

The holy woman stepped into the shallow tub, and poured cold water over her form. I watched as she continued her bath. She was a woman of mature years, with dark hair.

“There! I see proof that you are not pure in mind! Mother Superior will be disappointed!” warned the holy woman.

After her bath, Sister Patience went to her cot, after donning a white shift.

“Come, lie beside me. Remember, you must be pure in mind tonight. After I fall asleep, be firm, and do not touch my secret parts. We will be like brother and sister.”

# # #

Mother Superior, forgive me for my sins with Sister Patience. I will do penance! Glory Be! Sister Virginia has also sought to have me do penance for my many sins. Brother Theo.

“Mother Superior has asked me to take personal charge of your discipline! You must obey me in all things!” Sister Virginia frowned, shaking her finger in my face.

The holy woman was a woman of age, with white hair and a deeply lined face. She was plump, having been plagued by the sin of gluttony all her life.

After her bath, in cold water, she lay upon her cot. She summoned me to her side.

“I am confident that my purity will be safe with you this night. Do not touch my secret parts after I fall asleep. Say the rosary till you yourself fall asleep, Brother.”

# # #

Mother Superior, forgive my sins with Sister Virginia! I woke in the night to find the good woman at my person. She would give me no rest till I had served her desires. I only pray that the other sisters will desist from smiles when using her name! In a spirit of kindness, Sister Constance has taken me in hand. She has spared no efforts to save me from perdition. Glory Be! Brother Theo.

# # #

Mother Superior, bless me for I have sinned. Sister Concepcion has been unable to help me reach sublimation. Glory be, Brother Theo.

“Brother Theo, You must intercede for me with Mother Superior. When I go to services at the Cathedral, everyone stares. Even the Cardinal shook his head, when I saw him at the entrance. Many of the women are amused by my condition!”

“Your period of confinement is fast approaching. We need to decide on possible names. I will ask Mother Superior to set up a day care centre, here at the convent.”

“Last time the homily was on the Immaculate Concepcion. Everyone seemed to be smiling, and staring at me. This is all your fault!”

“We must pray!” I said.

# # #

Mother Superior, I will be pleased to confer with you on a more formal basis. I understand that you, like us all, feel a need for spiritual guidance. Glory Be! Brother Theo.

“Hello, Mother Superior.”

“Hello, my son. Do come in, sit here on the bench.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“I often feel a sense of isolation, Brother. I have spent my life here, and have yet to reach sublimation!”

“Holy communion, the sacramental meal – the host, is always of value, Mother Superior.”

“Yes, you are right, my son.”

The holy woman rose, and came to me. She knelt at my chair, and raised my cassock. I stood to offer her communion. She opened her mouth in readiness. I thrust into her open lips. She began to practice the holy rite, using her hand to assist.

When she had reached exaltation, she pulled back, and bowed her head in prayer for a moment. She rose, caught my eye, and swallowed.

“Come each day at this time, my son. Daily communion will be of great value. But come, I desire to seek sublimation.”

The holy woman sat upon her chair, raising her black rode to her face. She spread her legs, in invitation. I knelt before her, and drew close.

# # #

Mother Superior, I am pleased that you have decided to have me instruct the novices in the fundamentals of sublimation. Your suggestion of private confession and chastisement is very wise. I will also offer holy communion to them. Glory Be! Brother Theo.

# # #

Mother Superior. I am most pleased to hear of the miraculous events. The immaculate conception of a child by a number of the novices, demonstrates the power of the goddess. I am humbled that you have reported the events to the Elders.

I am overwhelmed that the Senior Abbess of Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Sublimation has chosen to elevate me to Sainthood. I am gratified that the Elders will permit me to become a man of the cloth. I will be pleased to take holy orders. I will meet with you for the laying on of hands. All this has been possible only thru your aid and encouragement. Glory be! Father Theo, ST.

# # #

Father Theo. We have elected you to the Board of Elders. Your first term of duty will require you to inspect all convents of the realm, to determine if the sisters of the faith are true to their vow of chastity. By Order of the Board.