A Good Night’s Sleep By Franklin Sr.

She stretched from what she considered a good night’s sleep, it was Saturday morning and waking up alone wasn’t really that bad, she was getting used to it. A few drinks with friends last night, a late night chat over the phone and restful peaceful sleep. She’d been working at the new job for seven months now. A quick move over several states and here she was, the assistant manager of the second largest storage warehouse in the state, not too bad for a 32 year old divorced mother to none. Yes, she wanted kids and she still had lots of time; that biological clock that her mother spoke of still had a few years to go. For now though, sex was just for fun, she’d know when it was time to get serious. Anyway, today was a get ready for tonight sort of day. She was going on a triple date with two of the girls from work, and she had been set up with one of their husband’s friends. She’d met him briefly about a month a go, he seemed nice, sort of quiet, but it was just an introduction at a barbecue; she didn’t think much of it.

Tonight was to be casual, barbecue at Polly’s place, then down to the beach for a few drinks and a fire, she loved those squishy marshmallows roasted over the fire; when done just right, there was nothing better to put in your… she laughed, her thoughts were getting naughty as her mind projected to her date with Rob. She just wanted to have a good time tonight, nothing more, no intimacy, although a passionate kiss and the feel of a man’s arms around her would certainly be welcome.

She chose a nice short sleeve form fitting summer blouse, worn over her sports bra it looked sexy, she whispered “summer sexy” when she looked at herself in the mirror. Her capri pants were a soft brown, not too tight, and the outfit was topped with white tennis shoes, no socks. She carried a light sweater just in case and a clutch purse.

The barbecue at Polly’s place was great, a lot of laughs, a few drinks and there was no awkward feelings between her and Rob on their first date, maybe because they had met before, or maybe because they both just expected a few laughs and nothing more. Down at the beach they all sat around and exchanged a few chuckles, the marshmallows were good and all enjoyed the warmth of the squishy insides and the brown toasted crispy covering, the guys especially liked them when followed by a long gulp of cold beer.

Through the evening, the couples paired off and she found herself alone with Rob. The  past few hours didn’t tell them a lot about each other, but they did enjoy each others company and it didn’t surprise her when the words, let’s go to my place for a few more beers escaped her lips. Rob was game and on arrival she was heading for the fridge when she found herself wrapped up in two very strong arms being kissed hungrily. She liked it and gently pushed him back, smiled and said, do you want a glass with your beer? He laughed, said no and they both sat on her couch and stared at each other. After a few sips of beer, he put his arm around her and they sat for a seemingly long time. Slowly, gently, she put her hand on his stomach, he bent down and kissed her, her hand moved downward, his hand moved upward to her breast, they both stopped, kissed hard with passion and he moved forward, pushing her gently on her back. Rob put his hand under her blouse and kissed her naval, he edged upward towards her breasts and gently nibbled her nipples through her sports bra. Her hands were behind his head, tangled in his hair, pushing him, guiding him to wherever she wanted him to go. She pushed the top of his head now, no guidance needed and he slid down between her legs. They were both still fully clothed, but that did not stop him from pushing, breathing, biting gently at her mound, even though clothing covered the moist precious prize beneath. While savouring the scent, he reached up and undid her bra; she liked that and swiftly removed it, then slid her blouse off. Rob looked up and saw two beautiful spheres, he reached for them while still mouthing her mound through her slacks.

Her tits felt awesome in his hands, they were full and soft and at this moment her nipples were pointing to the sky and seemed to yell, pinch me, pinch me, so he did. He pinched them hard, she felt the shiver and couldn’t tell if she said it aloud or jut thought it to herself, but somewhere in her mind, she heard, “harder, harder, harder” and as his thumb and fore-finger rolled her nipples around in a circular motion, then back again, she breathed heavily and enjoyed the moment. Little bumps had formed on her areoles around her nipples, she wanted more and when she opened her eyes, his fingers were still pinching her rock hard nipples and his mouth was still grinding on her now wet pussy. Wow, she thought, the guys done this before, she smiled to herself, closed her eyes and hoped this would last.

She allowed herself a few more moments of euphoria and then took him by the wrists and pulled him upwards. His mouth stopped at her breasts and he sucked each nipple before continuing upward and kissing her hard on the lips. She felt his hardness as they kissed and she reached for him. He liked her squeezing his cock, but he wanted to taste her first. He slid down her pants and saw the cutest little pair of red panties, they were damp and he put his nose close and wafted in the scent. He slid her panties off and saw a short narrow strip of wispy pubic hair, like an arrow pointing the way to a hidden treasure. He nudged her legs open, her sex glistened, he felt the pressure on the front of his pants and knew his cock needed its freedom. It could wait one more minute, his head slowly disappeared between her thighs and his tongue softly lapped at her moistness, he heard her groan, he licked at her clit and it popped out of its sheath. It was engorged and he sucked it gently. She was dripping when he pulled away. He took his finger and ran it up her slit, then licked her juices from his finger, when she saw this, she wanted him even more.

She reached for his belt buckle as he stood up, when his pants hit the floor, his boxers were right behind. She stared at his hardness for a short time, stroked it, watched the skin go back and forth from the head of his manhood, She reached underneath and handled his balls, a small groan came from his lips, she gave them a gentle squeeze and took the head of his cock in her mouth, he felt a slight tremble in his knees. He pushed forward, she did not move, she took in more, and then more, he moved back and started to pump slowly. Oh that felt so good, he withdrew, dropped to his knees and sank his hardness into the soft wet flesh that he had tasted only moments ago. She gasped and as he looked into her eyes, he saw her smile, her eyes were dancing, her breasts were bouncing back and forth in rhythm with his strokes and she was saying ever so softly, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and he was very happy to oblige.

The tingle in his balls started and he knew he was near his end, he wanted to take her from behind, he loved that position, to be able to grab onto a woman’s hips and just go wild as she pushed back to accept her man’s hardness, it was a great feeling made even greater when both parties were synchronized, accepting and hotter than hades. As he was thinking about this, she groaned loudly, he looked at her and her face grew strained, her pussy gripped his cock as if it were a vice and he knew she was cumming. A moment later he felt the heat of her moistness as it spewed from her, only to crash against his shaft sunk deeply inside her. He loved the feeling of the heat, of the wetness, of the spasms of her cunt against his cock. He watched her orgasm subside and she relaxed for a brief moment, smiling up at him. He smiled back and started to pump his shaft into her again. He reached down and put both her legs on his shoulders, in this position he could drive like a jackhammer and he did for a short period of time. She liked it, it was evident when he pulled out and her facial expressions went from glad to sad. He turned her around and ploughed his cock deep inside her. She pushed back, she was still wet and he couldn’t help but pull out once more and lick that sweet pussy. Maybe it was the taste of both their juices mingled together, but she smelled great and tasted oh so sweet. He heard a low moan and an ooohhhhh came from her lips; he noticed her leg twitch slightly and her toes were wiggling wildly, no doubt about it, her second orgasm. She enjoyed the few minutes spent on licking her ass before he drove his cock back into her pussy, not too many men liked to plant their tongue up someone’s ass, another plus for him in her books.

Rob was at full throttle now, he couldn’t stop, she was pushing back hard, he was driving forward and knew his time was near. As he grunted each breath and she was shouting fuck me Rob, fuck me damn it, his ass cheeks tightened, he was holding back now, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, then he just couldn’t… he felt it happen, it seemed to start in his asshole, work up through his balls and spew out the end of his cock in gush after gush of hot cum. He looked down and squeezed each of her ass cheeks as his cock continued to spasm inside her, a few strokes while he was cumming added to the indescribable pleasure; and when he’d finished, he stroked inside her just a few more times because it felt so damn good. He fell exhausted to the floor, she slid down beside him, cum dripping down her leg. She bent over and squeezed the head of his dick, took his last drop of cum on her finger and spread it on her nipples, he moved over her, licked her nipples clean and heard her say; I had a good nights sleep last night and this is what happened, care to come to bed for a good nights sleep?