Between a Beginning By Peter Baltensperger

If it hadn’t been for the rain, the man with the black umbrella wouldn’t have gone for a walk in the park. He was very particular about that, as he was about so many things. It was a simple cause and effect sequence, the way it had to be and always was. He also liked to attach beginnings to beginnings, endings to endings, the ways of all things. It was also for that reason that he only went for a walk in the park when it rained and he could take his black umbrella with him, another particularity in the grand motion of the universe.

He walked along his customary path, his umbrella pulled down over his head. He didn’t need to see anything: he knew where he was and where he was going, his security. Yet he let one side of the umbrella slip upwards, perhaps from a sudden gust of wind, and turned his head. What he saw was a gazebo in the middle of the park and what appeared to be a beautiful young woman dancing under the roof, like a prima ballerina, he thought. It could well have been a coincidence, or perhaps a synchronicity, he still wasn’t sure about that even afterwards. The only thing he knew for sure was that the woman was important in some mysterious way.

Even though he was reluctant to stray from his gravel paths, he stepped into the rain-soaked grass and sloshed his way over to the gazebo. The woman stopped dancing. He handed her his umbrella, but the woman didn’t know what to do with it. Without closing it, she stood it against the bench and let the rain drip down on the wooden floor. He would have done the same thing, except that he had better things to do, one of the vicissitudes.

The woman eyed him curiously. He wished her naked and she readily complied. She was only wearing a simple, loose shift. She quickly pulled it over her head and stood naked in front of him, proud, full breasts, a sensuous triangle of wispy blond hair even though her hair was black, long legs. She folded her shift carefully into a square and put it on the bench next to the umbrella. He took off his clothes and tossed them on the bench on the other side of the umbrella. There was no time for details in a night like that. He stepped up to the woman and took her into his arms, pressed his body against hers. She flung her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his, hungry skin against hungry skin.

His twitching penis pressed urgently against her belly, but she detached herself from him and walked out of the gazebo and out into the rain. He wished her on her back in the wet grass with her legs spread as wide as she could, only to see her bend over backwards until her hands touched the ground. He was looking straight down on her pussy with the raindrops bouncing off her rosy labia. She inched her feet apart very slowly so as not to lose her balance but to open her pussy for him as much as she could.

He put his hands under her buttocks to hold her up and keep her balance in her precarious position. Then he dove right in and licked the raindrops off her fragrant offering, delighted in the aroma of her juices mixed in with the rain, probed her with his tongue until he could hear her utter a throaty moan and her legs began to tremble. Without hesitation, he found her protruding clit with his tongue and started to lick it and rub it until she went into groaning convulsions. He fondled her for a while longer to help her through the rushes of her orgasm until her body slowed down again and she sighed deeply with satisfaction.

She didn’t move from her acrobatic position, so he kept holding her in his hands and brought his erection to her rain-soaked, juice-drenched opening. She shuddered in his hands and he slowly pushed into her until he had buried himself in her silky-smooth cave. She held completely still so as not to disrupt his penetration, then began tightening and relaxing her internal muscles in unison with his excited thrusts. It didn’t take him long after that to shudder and shake himself and gush his ejaculate forcefully into her.

No sooner did he withdraw from her comforting cave than she righted herself and stood face to face with him. She told him she was a professional contortionist and loved the rain, rather unnecessarily, he thought. But he told her that it was cute of her to tell him that. She also told him her name was Gloria, even though he didn’t know his own name himself. He kept looking for it wherever and whenever he could, but he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not even the gazebo helped, or his pulsing erection in her excited receptacle, another one of those unpredictable moments in the cosmic rotations.

He wished her on her back again in the wet grass with her legs wide open for him, but she began folding herself into a pretzel instead until he could barely tell one body part from the other anymore. The rain was falling all around her, droplets were dripping off her from all over her body, and she calmly pretzeled herself into an incredible enigma. He kept trying to figure out what was what and which way was up, but he didn’t get anywhere until her head appeared from between two limbs and she looked up at him with a proud smile.

She opened her mouth wide in a gesture of eager anticipation and beckoned him with a hand that suddenly appeared out of somewhere. He went down on his knees and brought his erection to her full lips. He put his hands on her contorted body, for his balance as much as for hers, then slid into her mouth and let her suck him. Her agile tongue was all over his penis, licking his tip and his shaft and sucking him with her eager lips until his second orgasm welled up inside of him and he emptied himself into her once more.

There wasn’t anything he could do for her the way her body was intertwined, but she uncoiled herself until she stood on her shoulders with her legs straight out from her pelvis. He had never seen anything quite like it and he made sure he enjoyed every moment of his second excursion into the wonder that was her pussy. He licked her carefully to savor all the different tastes, touched her with his fingers to feel the delectable contours, penetrated her to feel the soft insides.

She didn’t seem to be getting tired or feeling uncomfortable in her unusual position, so he took his time with his explorations and only concentrated on her clit when she began to shiver and groan. He reached down and for the first time was able to hold her breasts in his hands, then fondled her nipples at the same time as he sucked at her clit. He could feel her mounting excitement, the tremors rushing through her body, and he sucked her clit as vigorously as he could. Before long, she shuddered through her second orgasm as well.

Again he held on to her for a while to help her savor her joyful release. When her body stopped trembling and her moans faded away into the night, he let go of her to let her come down from her upside down position. She briefly folded herself into a tight ball, then jumped to her feet and stood in front of him once more. They took each other into their arms, dripping with rain and overjoyed from the mutual experience. One of these days, he thought, pressed against her luscious body and shivering with absolute delight, he really had to make a concerted effort to find his name, just for the security and the balance of it all.