The Pyramid By Michael Fontana

They first met at work where Perry noticed the tattoo of a pyramid on the back of Michelle’s neck, just below the hairline at the top of the spine, in a place where he wished to reach down and touch to feel the imprint and then to kiss it, figuring it would spiral her out of control somehow, that this solitary wild spot held the key to all the sexual circuits scattered throughout her body.

Still they said nothing, did nothing, just danced around each other when a transaction had to be discussed or a ledger entry or a check cut. She was the accountant, he the spender, this game of opposites in the workplace driving him near to sorrows with his insatiable desire for her. They were a similar age, early fifties, an age when others were sexually waning but he wanted more. He felt dead without it.

She was tall and black haired, brown-eyed, low key in speech and eye contact, dressed in slacks and fine blouses, limited makeup and perfume. That damned tattoo appeared in the midst of all this modesty like an insult in a way, a way of saying to him “you’re mistaken as to who I am.” He was tall also, lean, dressed in suits and loud ties, spending money to lure further business to the firm. The lunches, the parties, the evening events, it was all pandemonium of sorts but it was sexless and drunken and beyond anything as interesting as Michelle’s solitude.

He returned to the office one evening after a charity gala, mouth in a burn from red wine, and found Michelle still behind her desk, still fingering the calculator with one hand, ruffling papers with the other. He stopped her right there, put his hand on the hand with the papers.

“Bet you didn’t calculate this,” he said and lowered his face for a kiss which she returned deeply, lips for lips, tongue for tongue, the breath slowing, shallowing, until she slid her chair back and pulled him down to her by the hair, towards her and then towards the floor.

It was strange to undress on the carpet that they trod every day, that everyone ignored and found dull but suddenly it was not dull, it was illumined by the bareness of their bodies, by the electricity of their desire as he opened her blouse like the pages of a sacred book, the beauty of her nakedness beneath almost unbearable to him. But he reached for it and kissed it, sucked her breasts which rose with his attentions and she reaching up to undress him as well.

Suddenly his mouth explored her further, dipping down to her slacks, unzipping and unbuckling them, removing the sweet silk of her panties and then down to lick her in slow circles around the edge of her cunt, slowly working his way inward to the clit and focusing on that, the way it made her jump and yelp.

She nearly slithered in her passion, her fingers working clumsily to undress him as well, her hand reaching for his cock, yanking it until it stood upright and then lowering herself to lick around it and then suck it slowly, moistly, so that he could barely contain himself.

When he entered her it was as if they had lost any separation at all between them. The ride twisted and turned them, they growled and howled at certain junctures. She dragged her nails down the backs of his arms until they bled and then he released into her. But still the biggest prize remained unclaimed. He pulled her head forward and found the pyramid there, he anointed it with a finger full of their combined juices and then he kissed it clean.


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